Birdy - "Fire Within"

It may come as a surprise to music lovers on this side of the pond, but “Fire Within” is not Birdy’s debut album. “Fire Within” is actually the poetic songwriter’s second album, releasing in the U.S. while Birdy is amid a whirlwind stateside tour with Christina Perri. At the ripe old age of 17, Birdy has a way with songwriting that is well beyond her years. Each of the 11 tracks has a life of its own, telling stories of love, loss, and hope, while displaying Birdy’s gift of not only song-writing, but musical talent. An extremely talented pianist and guitarist, it comes to no surprise to her fans that her talents have been selected to contribute to the soundtracks for “The Hunger Games”, “Brave”, as well as “The Fault In Our Stars”.

Riding high off the success of her hit single “Skinny Love” from her debut album, Birdy sings of the torment of trying to salvage love before it is lost in “Standing in the Way of the Light”, and being who you really are on the inside in “All About You”. While most of the album has a certain melancholy about it, “Light Me Up” is a triumphant upbeat track that embraces the positive effects of love. With a singer/songwriter of such a young age yet such depth and poeticism, “Fire Within” won’t be the last we hear from Birdy.

Track Listing

Fire Within
Heart of Gold
Light Me Up
Words As Weapons
All You Never Say
Strange Birds
No Angel
All About You
Standing In The Way Of The Light