Concert Gallery

Behold, a gallery of live concert pics taken by our amazing photographers. Bare with us as this page is new and currently being updated. Disclosure over. Enjoy.

We're Back!

It's been a long time coming, but we're back! 

To quote Adrian Monk, here's what happened...

Around 2010, I ended up joining a band and my schedule was packed with touring, filming, and lots of other fun stuff. All of which is still going on, but I realized how much I missed this! I've gotten to interview some amazing people over the past few years, learn a lot and make some great friends. I didn't see any reason for that to not continue. So I knew, if I were to bring this site back, although it had been a few years since I added anything significant, I wanted to go even bigger.

That being said, I've brought a bunch of new people on board to help out and create more frequent content. All of whom, you'll meet as time goes on as articles they write begin to appear. Some of which, in this first issue or re-release. 

I continued to get tons of hits during my "down time" and want to thank everyone for continuing to come or even if you visited by accident.  This time around, I want this site to appeal to musicians and music lovers alike. There will be content for each group and for all ages. 

Keep visiting for more great content and its good to be back!!!!


Aaron Farrier

For Independent Artists

Are you an independent artist that needs honest, helpful and professional (sort of) album reviews from an online magazine recognized by the industry as credible? Well, now we can help you! For a modest price of 9.99, one of our staff writers will write a review for you and post it along with our premium content featuring some of today's biggest artists. 

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