The Fletchers - "Reset the Dial"

You know that feeling you get when you hear new music on the radio? I do. And it's not good. It's full of what I call "beard music" and is that folky, four on the floor with the kick drum, lets see how "ironic" we can be crap day in and day out. Then I happened upon the Fletchers and found myself with more of a nostalgic feel.

I was suddenly whisked away to a time where music wasn't awful, and people looked forward to new records and the forthcoming tour of their favorite bands. In short, a time where skinny jeans were nothing more than a wardrobe malfunction. 

"Reset the Dial" I can only imagine was designed to do just that. It is a well-blended mix of sonic homages to REM and their own sound. As a musician, I of course listen to the production and couldn't be more pleased. Everything is well produced, well written and best of all, enjoyable to listen to! 

"Farewell to Cupid" is a song that really exemplifies everything I've mentioned above. I can imagine this song in some sort of an Entourage montage with the lead characters driving down The 101 with (or without) their significant others and the end credits rolling. 

What does this all come down to? Well I'll spell it out for you. If you're in need of new music, but hate basically everything that's coming out these days. You may want to find your way over to The Fletchers. Somehow they snuck one by us and will give you a musical experience you'll want to revisit over and over again. 

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