Ian & The Dream "California Cauliflower"

What's happening right now? I got this disc "California Cauliflower" by Ian and The Dream - and try as I might, had a hard time judging the "book by the cover." That being said, I had to actually make effort and play the disc to form an opinion and I think I'm either blown away or being Punk'd. One word. Refreshing!

I'm assuming the artist is going to want more of a review than "refreshing" so here it goes. It's almost like old school Maroon 5 with a little taste of Chili Peppers. It's fun. It's catching. Production is great! Song writing is stellar and vocals (which I'm a hard sell for) is surprisingly fresh! He's not reinventing the wheel by any means, but he's also not trying to be something he's not. He knows his wheel house and makes it work very nicely.

This is a great record to spin while you're driving with the top down, or ya got the windows open in the house, doing a deep spring clean and need a good distraction from the misery that is cleaning. 

I don't know how old these guys are 14? 24? Hard to tell these days. But either way, they could have a long career ahead of them. Check'em out on iTunes. You'll thank me later.