Angelfire is a collaborative effort between guitar legend and songwriter Steve Morse (Deep Purple, The Dixie Dregs, The Steve Morse Band) and singer/songwriter Sarah Spencer.

This record could almost be labeled folk/fusion with its light and airy melodies but folk undertone. It has its fair share of “catchy” songs that the pro quo listener will enjoy, but its also full of depth and simplicity. A combination that is rarely found these days in modern music.

Spencer is the clear star and feature of this record, which is saying a lot when you find out who’s backing her musically. On bass, we have our friend Dave LaRue and on drums features the amazing Van Romaine. That’s an all-star lineup that most musicians can only dream of jamming with. And if you’re a musician and don’t know who either one of those players are, well…let me be the first to welcome you to Earth. Go here:

The songwriting, production and obviously musicianship are all brilliant. You’d have to try and find something to complain about.

This is the perfect album to sip a beer on your back porch (or preferably a beach) and listen away the worries of the day. And if your back porch has a beach, then you’re probably not that stressed to begin with and should share this record with someone else.

Keep an eye out for Sarah Spencer. I have a feeling she’s going to be around for quite some time. Speaking of, if Van Romaine is busy in the future, she might be in need of a drummer. Hmm, I think I’m going to email her now.

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