Daylight Down [Album Review]

This is one of those rare moments I get to make cheesy "critic comments", and if you think I'm not going to seize this moment, your'e mistaken.  Okay here we go...ready?

Two thumbs up for Daylight Down! I'd give you three thumbs up but...alas I'm limited to just these two. Probably for the best...

This modern rock / metal record is proof that intact, rock may not be dead after all. Contrary to popular believe. You have to look for it granted, but it's out there and Daylight Down is a great example of it. This Texas band has a very well produced record with great tones, drums sounds (although they sound sampled. I could be wrong, but that's okay even if they are, that's pretty popular these days) and vocals that don't suck! 

You're probably thinking "there's a more eloquent way to describe the vocals I'm sure Mr. Farrier." You're right. There is. But here's the thing, most vocals for rock / metal bands these days are awful. It's usually what makes me turn them off. This time however, wasn't the case. At first, I thought it was a fluke, so I kept listening. Plus, it's best as a critic to listen to more than one song. Insider tip for you there.

All in all, a great record! Honestly hard to believe they aren't signed. I do however want to take it one step further and geek out a bit. I'm a musician so I can appreciate good musicianship, but I'm also an artist who makes a living doing graphic design, and can say I can truly appreciate their album artwork! It looks like an original composite piece done which is a time-consuming effort but really helps take ones artwork to the next level. The fact they took that time tells me these guys are serious about what they do. I approve!

Check out the music at the iTunes link below.