John Shough – Done in Taurus

Dayton, OH native, John Shough has finally released his long awaited album Done in Taurus which was completed by what could be considered the local Dayton-area “Dream Team.”

Shough, who is also a producer/engineer and has worked with the Breeders, Guided by Voices and more has concentrated his creative juices on his own masterpiece this time.

“Done in Taurus” could have easily been named “Time Machine” or something because when you listen to it, thats what it feels like. It’s like you’re Marty McFly and you just got your DeLorean up to 88 miles and hour and ended up back in the 60’s (horrible reference, I know…).

This record, unlike many these days, takes you back to the time of Sgt. Pepper; when Britpop was redefining the music industry. It’s as if Shough was able to capture the spirit of legends like John Lennon, The Who (etc) and do his part in paying tribute to the path that was cleared by them but few dare travel.

The song writing could be considered influential and prolific, but to pull of a masterpiece like this, you’re going to need great production to capture the essence of the time. Luckily, this record has it all and its embodied in 28 evolutionary tracks.

This was a musical journey as opposed to today’s common records. To put it into words would do little to no justice. In my opinion, one needs to sit down, put on some headphones and listen to this start to finish. When you’re done, you’ll ask yourself, “What just happened?” And to answer you question, you’ll listen again.

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