Butch Walker – Sycamore Meadows

  • The Weight of Her (3:43) 
  • Going Back/Going Home (4:02)
  • Here Comes the… (feat. “P!nk”) (4:10)
  • Ponce De Leon Ave. (4:26)
  • Ships In A Bottle (4:07)
  • Vessels (4:13)
  • Passed Your Place, Saw Your Car, Thought Of You (5:40)
  • The 3 Kids In Brooklyn (4:33)
  • Summer Scarves (4:25)
  • A Song For The Metalheads (2:57)
  • Closer To The Truth and Further From The Sky (4:37)
  • ATL (5:28)
  • (Untitled Hidden Track) (7:44)
  • That Side of You (bonus UK track)

With the release of Sycamore Meadows in November of 2008, Butch has done what most of his hardcore fans thought to be impossible…he got better . Impossible you say? Then you must be one of the few who haven’t taken a listen to the new record (That’s right, I said record . I’m old…sue me).

This may be the quintessential Butch Walker album. While most songs will inspire you to turn the radio up and roll the windows down, Butch certainly shows his range by giving his fans a song to fit any mood. A personal favorite is the upbeat ‘Going Back/Going Home’, which can drag me out of any mood and force me to sing along, thanks to its infectious beat and Butch’s trademark witticism. But make no mistake, this album is more than just fun beats and catchy lyrics that make you want to dance around your room naked (okay, so maybe that’s just me). This is by far Butch at his most vulnerable, which is clearly punctuated by the track ‘ Atlanta ‘, incorporating a beautiful piano melody with hauntingly emotional lyrics.

And no Butch album would be complete without a hidden track, and he doesn’t disappoint on this album. An untitled hidden track on the US album explores the relationship with his fans, while fans in the UK were also treated to ‘That Side of You’.

This is by far my favorite Butch album to date, and if you haven’t heard it yet, shame on you. And the next time I’m asked that cliché question about being stranded on an island…if I can’t take Butch with me, I’m taking this album.