God Of War: Blood & Metal (Video Game Soundtrack)

God Of War: Blood & Metal
Release Date: March 2, 2010

1. Killswitch Engage – My Obsession
2. Trivium – Shattering The Skies Above
3. Dream Theater – Raw Dog
4. Taking Dawn – This Is Madness
5. Opeth – The Throat Of Winter
6. Mutiny Within – The End

Playstation’s 3 – God of War Soundtrack Review This soundtrack to Playstation 3’s God Of War 3 featuring unreleased songs inspired by the game from Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Dream Theater, Opeth, Taking Dawn and Mutiny Within.

These six tracks are all unique in their own way. Each band brought their own take and signature styles to the table without leaving their creativity behind. Below, is a small taste of each track and what you can expect.

Killswitch Engage – My Obsession

“Brutal” and “intense” are just two words you could use to describe this track. Which should come as no surprise to the Killswitch fans. But this track contains probably some of my favorite guitar work coming from the band. It’s aggressive but doesn’t leave out those heavy grooves that leave you thrashing your head and a melodic bridge that was written with taste.

Trivium – Shattering The Skies Above

Shattering the Skies, or your speakers. Trivium wastes no time in their shredding guitar riffs, drum parts that sound impossible for one man to do by himself and vocals that could raise the dead. The song doesn’t let up and will inspire any God of War gamer to amp up their kill count.

Dream Theater – Raw Dog

Raw tones for “Raw Dog“, Dream Theater certainly wasn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and tones for this instruMENTAL track. I almost didn’t recognize them! The guitars are dirty and muddy, but heavy and at times, melodic with that signature Petrucci sound. The drums are in the pocket and driving while the keyboards carry a majority of the melody. This song never lets up and has a real “soundtrack” feel to it. DT, who isn’t afraid to experiment any other day, once again hit it out of the park. Don’t listen to this track with the lights out and candles it, you may summon a demon of some kind.

Taking Dawn – This Is Madness

The name says it all. It’s driving guitar madness from the start. Starting with heavy, rhythmic guitars to melodic transitions. This track seems to have a little of everything, including an insane instrumental break in the middle that will give all you guitar YouTubers something to learn and post. Good luck…

Opeth – The Throat Of Winter

Opeth brings a little something different to this soundtrack with their acoustic contribution. It has melodic guitars and ethereal vocals that fill and warm your speakers. Something tells me if you hear this song during the game, chances are, that’s bad news for you. It may be time to hit the “reset” button and try again. Clearly you’re no God of War.

Mutiny Within – The End

Mutiny Within’s “The End” drives a lot like the others, with the heavy rhythmic guitars, but contains a more of a majestic and triumphant feel. Hopefully this is what you hear at the end of the game upon your victory but never-the-less, it’s a must-have on your iPod.