Paul Crosby (Saliva)

As I walked in to the dressing room at the Madison Theater, in Covington, KY., Paul Crosby was riffing on a guitar writing new material on his portable Pro-Tools rig. I guess this drummer pulls double-duty on the guitar as well! Below is a small excerpt from our conversation.

AF: Hey man, thanks for taking a minute for the interview. Especially so last minute!

PC: No problem, I can put my genious on hold for a little bit. [laughs]

AF: So I’ve been a fan of you guys for awhile. You put on a great show and you have strong song writing.

PC: Thanks man…

AF: I’m curious, how did things first start breaking for you guys?

PC: Not be cliche, but it was one of those ‘right place, right time’ instances. We were being played on local radio. Well I’m jumping the gun, there were some showcases that we had done early on that got us some great exposure. But it wasn’t until a few years later that we got the deal.

AF: Oh yeah?

PC: Yeah, so it was a few years after that of constant work, radio play, album sales that Island came knocking at the door.

AF: Any advice you’d give to those musicians out there that want to play for a living?

PC: Yeah, do something else! [laughs] I’m kidding…

AF: So what are some goals you’d like to achieve at this point?

PC: Honestly, I’m really happy where I’m at. So I suppose its just to sustain as I am while still moving forward.

AF: Can’t argue with that! Well man, you have a show to get ready for. Have a great gig and I hope Josey gets better! [Josey was suffering with the flu that most of Drowning Pool had already suffered with.] Thanks again for taking the time, especially with the last-minute change of plans.

PC: Yeah no problem man. I appreciate it. Enjoy the show!