Shawn Drover (Megadeth)

AF: Shawn, what a pleasure to have you here man. I'm just going to dive right in! I've seen you play before and one thing that obviously stands out is your kit. Beautiful kit by the way man. So let me ask, what's your favorite piece of gear?

SD: Thank you for the nice words on my setup. You know, I really cannot just pick 1 piece of gear that I like more than another, as I really think of my kit as 1 REALLY BIG piece of equipment - But if you are putting a knife to my throat, I guess I would have to say my Sabian Hand Hammered China cymbal, but you did force me to say that, dude.

AF: Now the presentation of your kit is pretty unique as well. I like how the kick drums reach over the drum stage. What was the inspiration for that sort of look and "presentation?"

SD: Well, this was something that was done way back in 1990, when Megadeth toured for "Rust in Peace", and was used for several years afterword - It was resurrected in 2004, with an updated version, which is what you see today - I wish I could tell you that this was all my Idea, but it's not - However, I did invent both water and Air :)

AF: Oh that was you? Nice work dude. hahaha So the time the interview comes out, you'll be on tour with Gigantour. You got another great bill! What has been your most memorable moment on tour?

SD: I have been asked this question many times, and the honest answer is that I view all of what I do as the most memorable moment - I mean, I get to do what I have always wanted to do in my life, and that is to be a succesful musician in a great band - To get into specific's would take up a novel's worth of paper, it's been that fun for me.

AF: Lets move on to some more of your favorites and such. Any favorite restaurants while on tour?

SD: I will have to go with Outback Steakhouse, because of their consistancy in all of their locations worldwide - I have been to location's from Toronto to Tokyo and they are all good - That says alot when you are in the middle of a foreign land dying for a Bloomin' Onion.

AF: How about your favorite TV Shows (in the event you get to watch any anyway. hahaha!)

SD: Friends, The Carol Burnett show, Dave Chappelle show, Scrubs, Headline News/Morning Express with Robin Meade.

AF: Scrubs is great. I think Dr. Cox is one of my new heros. Sad things is, I'm JUST NOW getting into that show.

AF: What about some of your favorite movies?

SD: The Omen, The Exorsist, Halloween, Friday the 13th Part's 1-4, This is Spinal Tap.

AF: I see. Family films, eh? Walk us through a typical day for you on tour...

SD: Wake up in (insert city here) around 11AM-Noon, consume large vat's of Coffee, get a bite to eat, shower, head over to the venue, sound check, do press, eat dinner, meet and greet, play the show, sleep on the bus. Repeat.............

Hell, how about a typical day for you off tour?

SD: Off tour I try to do as little as possible, because on tour everything goes at 1,000,000 miles an hour - Seriously, mowing my lawn is a big thing for me. I cut my lawn on a side-ways slant, so it looks totally killer, dude!!!!!!!!

AF: haha! I honestly love mowing. I prefer the criss-cross pattern myself. you have a favorite song or hell, even a favorite passage that you just get charged to play each time it comes up? I mean, I love all our songs we play, but there are a couple of moments during each show that I look forward to. Any of those sort of moments for you?

SD: Playing "Wake up dead" is always fun for me, Because in my opinion it is 1 of the best Metal song's ever written.

AF: How do you guys prep for tour? As far as rehearsals, etc...

SD: What the hell are "Rehearsals"???

AF: You know, those things where all the members get together, drink some beers, look at their instruments and say, "I know we're supposed to something with those things...hmmm...." hahahaha So, what are some of your touring essentials? You know, your iPod, favorite movies...etc?

SD: The Ipod has certainly become a very important piece of gear for me, as I am constantly listening to music - It really does help me get through the day during mundane time frames, etc. As well, my portable DVD player is a main-stay with me on tour, as I watch movie's alot on the road.

AF: What are some of your favorite bands right now? I just picked up the new MUSE live CD/DVD and I'm blown away! My singer actually saw them in a small club in Cincinnati a few years back before they broke and said they were amazing even then.

SD: Man, I like everything from Motzart to Marduk, and alot in between, but there really isn't one certain band that I am going ga-ga over at the moment - Until that changes, I will just keep listening to my Pat Travers CD's.

AF: Lets just say hypothetically you didn't end up being a drummer, what do you think you would have been?

SD: A PGA touring professional, for sure. I used to be a pretty bad-ass golfer back when I was playing alot. I don't get to play much anymore, which sucks.

AF: What are some of your future goals that you would like to achieve personally? You've clearly already done so much though!

SD: Basically, just to keep going at this level and make as many good professional relationships and friend's I can along the way - You meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way down.

AF: Well said dude. Hey...Thanks for stopping by the site man. Especially on such short notice! It was quite an honor and wish you safe travels on the tour!

SD: Thank you as well It's been fun for me.