Ace High Printing

The internet, and every old strip mall, seems to be littered with screen printing companies that offer a great price. Some focus on team jerseys or signs, but the trick is finding someone that you trust, has a great product and doesn’t shock you when you get the final price. Ace High Printing offers a great solution for bands because they specialize in the printing needs for musicians. 


Keith Herbert has been printing stickers, posters, signs and more for over 8 years from his shop in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“After 8 years,” Herbert explains, “If this work doesn’t speak for itself, I need to get out of this business.”

What is extra special about the success of Ace High, is that they do no advertising – everything is by word of mouth. As a bass player himself in the band “Escape Tonight,” he knows the needs and more importantly, the budgets of musicians.

With monthly specials and deals for friends that post ads for their site, Ace High is slowly building their client base to a nationwide one. One look at the hundreds of stickers that adorn the office walls are proof of that.


Our tour around his shop quickly showed his experience and expertise in all facets of printing. One of their capabilities include printing on Oracal Vinyl with EcoSol inks through a Roland SP-300 Versacam wide format printer. What that basically means is that they can print huge banners and stickers that last a long time.

Just a quick look at the website shows the wide range of products that they offer. Many printers specialize in one or two specialty items not up to 9 completely different formats.

Recently, Keith completed kick drum head art for Madonna and a few other big names. Large tours are also using him for items such as Banners, laminates an tour passes and scrims. He also does T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops and Shorts, Buttons, Hats, Flyers, Business Cards and posters.

One of the greatest features we witnessed at the shop was what Keith is able to do with his new technology and stickers. He is able to print any size label up to 4ft wide with a diecut. Usually, diecut stickers are a fortune because it requires a handmade die to trim the stickers at a conventional print shop. At Ace High, it’s all one step which allows even bands on the smallest budgets the ability to have professional image with an affordable price.


We had an 8×8 banner made and the process was simple, fast and the quality exceeded our expectations. Itis a 4-color vinyl sign with grommets all the way around. We are still amazed at how great the banner looks up close, much less on the stage. Just take a look for yourselves.

Contact Keith at for any printing products you may need. 727.542.3897