Stick N' Stack

There aren’t that many ways to display your drumstick collection. Believe me, I know! I’m not saying my collection is extensive, it’s rather modest at best, but never-the-less…it’s important to me. I have sticks used by The Blue Man Group, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and even my own signature stick released by Los Cabos Drumsticks (shameless plug there). I’ve struggled for a long time to find a unique way to display my sticks in my home and office.

One day I came across this company, Jesters House of Designs. I saw that they made stick holders! On the internet, they looked pretty cool. But we’re in an age where Photoshop could do anything you want. So I wanted to put this thing to the test myself.

Shown on the right is the stick holder that was sent to me. You can get a number of backgrounds for your holder. I chose the cymbal pattern. But we’ll get into that later on.

At first inspection I found the metal rack was of good construction. Thin yet solid and steardy. The mounting back that it is screwed to isn’t real thick but also solid and able to support the metal rack with ease. So far, so good!

Lets take a closer look though…

You will notice the the metal rack is actually crafted specifically for drumsticks of all sizes. I was even able to fit a pair of marching snare sticks in the rack! I also tried to see how easy it would be to bend or warp the “prongs” of the rack. Even though they may not look real strong, they actually are. Of course, I don’t know why you’d spend your hard-earned money on something only to destroy it at home so this really shouldn’t be an issue to begin with. I’m just sayin’…

As I talked about before, I chose the cymbal background. This is one of their stock choices. As you can see, this is an actual picture of a cymbal that was used. You can literally put anything back there that you want. In fact, that is probably one of the best things about this company and something that sets them apart from their competitors  there really isn’t anything they can’t do! Jester House of Designs can literally customize any of their products to fit your style. Although you may not feel the need because their “stock” items are pretty damn cool to begin with. I’m not going to lie!

This is what it all comes down to – If you’re looking for a unique way to display your drum stick collection, this is exactly what you need. They have plenty of styles for you to choose from so there are no excuses!

Even Pro-Mark Drumsticks uses them for their displays at the NAMM Show so they must be doing something right!

Visit them online at: for more information. They have many more products that are the perfect conversation pieces for your home. And with any luck, maybe we’ll get the opportunity to review more of their products to as always, bring you the honest truth!