Martin D-28 Guitar

Since 1931 the Martin D-28 has been the benchmark in acoustic guitars. The latest, is no different…

The History:
Since 1931 the Martin D-28 has been the benchmark in acoustic guitars. In it’s inception, the D-28 was immediately self-endorsed by the current music superstars of the day. The prevalent country stars like Hank Williams, George Jones, and the budding new country/rock and roll pioneer Elvis Presley completely gravitated towards the D-28 and made it their own. The “Man in Black,” Johnny Cash, also made a home in the Martin D-28. He composed music with his 1971 model the last 30 years of his life. The next generation acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin took up the D-28 mantle and continued the guitars influence to this day. In turn, today the D-28 is still highly used in today’s music industry and artists a like.

The Sound and the Fury:
The D-28 completely had me at G Major, and every other chord I played for that matter. The resonance is incredible and a testament to the obvious superior hand made construction. I have never heard such a pure bass response in an acoustic. It was so clear, I was taken aback, and had to process the sound and let it sink in. Transversely, you can distinctly hear a crystal clear high end. Thus, when you play a chord or a finger style piece you distinctly hear every note. I am also a sucker for a rose wood tone; the back and sides are constructed with East Indian rosewood. Speaking of the materials, the ebony fingerboard is perfectly constructed and dressed, offering premier playability. Rolling out lines is as smooth as silk. Also one can really project with the D-28. This feature makes it a very solid rhythm accompaniment instrument. Don’t get me wrong, rhythm accompaniment is not it’s only bag. It’s a versatile mother.

The Verdict:
Get this guitar. This Martin is still the future of music and justifiably so. The D-28 will be the workhorse in your collection. As a writer, what was particularly golden is the inspiration and different outlook the guitar provided. This guitar is a natural muse and you can feel and hear the music history as you play it. The D-28 helped me think of other ways to approach song writing with just its tone alone. Yet be on guard you aren’t writing a piece that has been already written. I have never had that issue before, but with this guitar’s immense music history it came into play for me. Also worth noting is the beautiful finger style palate the D-28 provides. The rich lows and crisp melody line highs are beyond compare. To sum up, the Martin D-28 should be an essential part of your arsenal. To repeat myself: Get. This. Guitar!